• Easter Egg Hunt/Easter Bunny Breakfast:  For donations!
  • Easter Hat Competition: Who can come up with the most unusual Easter Hat…flowers, healthy food, anything works.. Charge an entry fee… turn the selection party into an event, serve food.
  • Lunch Grillers: Deliver lunches to the businesses in town or just host for your own employees… Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Soup Days, Salad Days, Dessert Days, Ice Cream Sundae’s  …food is a big draw…
  • Ice Cream Socials:  These are great fun and inexpensive to host!
  • “Your OWN  Idol: Charge admission and entry fees and let the talent begin.
  • Car Washes never go out of style, and there is lots of pollen out there!
  • Yard Sales.  With beautiful weather, comes lots of people shopping! And lots of spring cleaning.
  • Bike Rodeo:  Big people get to ride their motorcycles… what about the kids?  Plan a bike ride in a neighborhood/park, or just a gathering for the young’ens.  Have a picnic lunch/dinner ; award prizes for best decorated bike; have a local bike shop or fire department come out and check bike safety; set up cones for ‘driving tests’; get creative!
  • Lemonade Stand:  Does your neighborhood have lots of yard sales?  Set up a lemonade stand… better yet, why not grill hot-dogs while you’re at it?
  • Yard Displays:  Place plastic pink flamingos, wooden cows, or any other item in the front yard or office of unsuspecting donors.  Request a donation to remove them, and additional donation for the homeowners to pick whose yard/office they are placed in next, and
    another donation as “insurance” that they don’t wind up back in their yard again!
  • Neighborhood Block Party—the weather is nice, time for a party with all the neighbors and kids…pot-luck and each family makes a donation for what they would have spent going out.
  • Spring BOWS— make and sell Spring Bows for mailboxes and car antennas.  $5-$20 donation depending on the size of the BOW!!
  • Host a Softball tournament between employees!
  • Cake Auction—for Easter or Mothers Day.  Have your best cooks make cakes and take bids.
  • Hero —have managers offer up a service and employees bid …such as a car wash, grass cutting, gutter cleaning….how much will you pay to see the Boss do chores?
  • Mail Letters—with a self addressed stamped envelope telling why you Walk.. they WILL return your letter with a donation.  This is the easiest way to raise your own $100.
  • Bouquet of Flowers:  Ask a local florist to donate a bouquet of flowers.  Employees/ friends make donations for a chance to win some “springtime” for their desk.
  • Fresh Fruit Fridays— Deliver fruit to office mates ahead of the weekend.  Take orders early in the week for all kinds of fresh fruit.  Add a delivery fee.
  • Company Relay Challenge— Two teams or more compete in a crazy relay
  • Take a Walk with an Executive— Staff pays for a chance to walk with a top executive at your company!
  • Dress down the week of Spring Break for $20 or whatever you decide!


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