Our Stories of Recovery series features testimonials from men and women who have benefitted from The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) programs.

When you donate goods (clothing, accessories, appliances, furniture, etc.) to The Salvation Army’s Family Stores, you are funding programs that help people struggling with addiction to find the road to recovery.


This is Mark’s Story:

If you ask Mark what his life used to be like, he’s quick to respond. “Before I came to the ARC, I only hung out with other addicts, where my alcoholism was accepted. I hurt a lot of people with my self-centered, arrogant attitude and I ended up in places I never thought I’d go. I was constantly in trouble with the law, and have spent over half my life in either jails and prisons, or in treatment centers. I lost a business, three houses, cars, personal belongings. I started moving from city to city, then state to state, hoping to start fresh, thinking that, if I got away from my bad influences, I’d be able to clean up my act. Well, it never worked. I was literally a lost soul.”

“When I came to the ARC I was willing to do anything to change the life I was leading. The Program gave me a safe, stable environment. I listened to Major during Chapel, and I took a real good look at myself through the classes and working the Steps. I was able to come to the decision that God’s will is so much better than my own. I now have a personal relationship with my Savior, whom I call Jesus Christ. This I never had before. This worked.” Mark successfully completed the Program and graduated early one Spring.

But Mark came back to us. Although, this time as an employee. “I know my position as the Dock Supervisor is important. Not only am I responsible for the loading and unloading of the trucks and keeping the warehouse organized, but it’s important that I set a good example. Punctuality; following rules; being a team player; doing my best; these are all part of the job as well.”

So, how is Mark doing in the “real” world? “Now I have a closer relationship with my family and speak to them daily. I’m an active member in AA, and sponsor two men. I also mentor in a recovery ministry. I have goals in my life today.”

Mark enjoys both hunting and fishing. He’s also an avid reader and musician. In fact, he plays seven different instruments. He is definitely an inspiration to us all.


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