Our Stories of Recovery series features testimonials from men and women who have benefitted from The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) programs.

When you donate goods (clothing, accessories, appliances, furniture, etc.) to The Salvation Army’s Family Stores, you are funding programs that help people struggling with addiction to find the road to recovery.

This is Misty’s Story:

I was addicted to meth and homeless. On January 5th, 2013 I was arrested for possession of meth. Upon my release from jail I found myself wandering the streets thinking of where I was going to stay.

My life began to change for the better when I entered The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.  At first, I thought it was to rigid, and structured. I wanted to leave, but then I realized I had nowhere to go!

When I joined the “Feet on the Street” running program at the ARC I felt I was able to channel all the anger and hatred I had inside me to the difficult task of running long distance races.

Make no mistake, being in the program was hard, but I finished for the first time in my life a project I started. I have, since leaving the program, reunited with my two daughters and family, and began working in my Aunt’s restaurant.

The Salvation Army ARC has helped me in so many ways to be able to “help myself”.  I can never thank them enough!


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