Our Stories of Recovery series features testimonials from men and women who have benefitted from The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center programs.

When you donate goods (clothing, accessories, appliances, furniture, etc.) to The Salvation Army’s Family Stores, you are funding programs that help people struggling with addiction to find the road to recovery.


This is Alonzo’s Story:

I entered the Adult Rehabilitation Center in February because, after four years of being clean and sober, I relapsed!  I owed a drug debt and I was close to losing my housing and needed to get myself back together.

Many changes have occurred since coming here!   I think the biggest change has been my attitude.  I no longer feel isolated and lonely.  I am working on a closer relationship with God.  In addition to being clean and sober, I am cigarette free!  I am starting to take care of myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I’m eating better and am exercising on a regular basis.

With my counselor, I have been able to discover and bring to light new feelings about myself.  When I look in the mirror, I see a different person.  I see one who has a renewed motivation for life and sense a strong purpose for my future.  I have a renewed relationship with my son, maintained my home I’m steadily bringing down my debt.  My time here at the Adult Rehabilitation Center has been well spent and I see a bright future ahead.  I learned from my relapse, and have the tools necessary and in place to use when needed.

I am a grateful person in recovery!


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