Marco’s life was anything but easy. At only 13 years old, he had lived with five different foster families.

Each time he moved into a new foster house, he was forced to transfer to a new school and leave his friends behind.

One day, Marco’s foster parents, who are supporters of The Salvation Army, came to us for advice. They explained that Marco wasn’t adjusting well at his new school and was shy around his classmates. We informed them about our summer camp and told them Marco would be more than welcome.

His first day at camp was tough because he had never been outside the city before. But by the time he left, Marco had made new friends and gained the self-confidence he needed to interact with the kids in his new school.

“I love camp!” Marco says. “I made so many new friends and experienced a whole new world that I never saw before.”

Every year, summer camp provides an escape for millions of disadvantaged boys and girls like Marco. It’s a safe place to learn, have fund, make new friends and experience new adventures.

Click here to help The Salvation Army continue to serve children like Marco. On behalf of all the children who attend our summer camps, thank you!


This story originally appeared in The Salvation Army Good News Newsletter. Please contact Jennifer Renfroe at 727-725-9777, ext. 105 to begin receiving the newsletter in your mailbox.






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