Spring is like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. After a hard winter season, the world seems to brighten and the air becomes fresh. This is similar to the millions of families, like Michael’s, that The Salvation Army serves each year.

Being a former professional boxer, Michael has fought tough matches and hard battles. There was one challenge, however, he was not prepared to fight. His boxing career left him legally blind.

He and his wife, Caitlyn, supported their daughter, Claire, by the social security income that Caitlyn was receiving. Sadly, Caitlyn lost her battle with cancer, and Michael soon fell behind on his family’s monthly bills. That’s when Michael contacted The Salvation Army. Our compassionate staff not only provided them basic assistance but also an empathetic listening ear.

When struggling individuals and families turn to us for help, it’s because they have nowhere else to go. They are in over their heads an unable able to see the end of their dark tunnel. We do everything in our power to ensure they receive the help they need to guide them on their way toward self-sufficiency.

People we help know God is working miracles in their lives, even when they can’t see Him.

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This story originally appeared in The Salvation Army Good News Newsletter. Please contact Jennifer Renfroe at 727-725-9777, ext. 105 to begin receiving the newsletter in your mailbox.






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