I decided to spend my quiet time at the Cross at Camp Keystone in Starke, Florida. I came because this place has such tangible, beautiful memories for me. I have arrived just as the sun is peaking over the trees across the lake. I pulled out my Bible and flipped to Isaiah 61 – as I had been studying the Scripture the night before. While starting to read through chapter 61, I was drawn to the beginning of chapter 60 (verses 1-2)

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
and the glory of the Lord arises upon you.
See, darkness covers the earth
and thick darkness is over the peoples,
but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”

Often times, I am drawn to only watch the sun rise (but mostly sun set, as I am not a morning person). As I sit here, I realize I do not often enough look at the creation around me and witness the beauty of the light gently revealing the leaves, the dew of the grass, slope of the land. The sun’s rays pick up the beauty unaware to the beholder until its in just the right light…

“…but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”

As I sit and ponder this small, yet impactful revelation, the sun reveals itself fully. Brightness is a bit too much – I am now squinting as I write…

Can the Lord’s glory be too much?

I mean, we are (I am) only human – weak and wandering. I can only take on so much before I crumble. Now there is a glare disturbing my view of the lake and its peacefulness. As I shield my eyes, I am reminded that we are not only meant to bask in His glory. We are also called to turn around, face where the sun is illuminating the landscape…and go! Christ tells us,

“My grace is enough; it’s all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 msg

The sun’s brightness eases and I can see the lake again. The chill of the January air is evident through my sleeves. I conclude by writing this simple reminder to get me on my way…

Turn around,
Make certain the landscape He is revealing
and go in His strength.

Questions for the Moment:

1. As you turn around and look at the “landscape” before you, what does it look like? Are you to befriend and “be Christ” to the homeless, the cashier clerk at your local grocery store or someone in your neighborhood? Do you feel there is something more the Spirit has been prompting you to do? 

Maybe it is time. 

2. Journal your thoughts about where you see the Lord leading you. Ask Him to go before you and give you wisdom as you take the first step.


Written (while on this very journey) by: Kim Touchton, Divisional Women’s Ministries Program Assistant

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